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A PDF version of The Rules is available for free download.

Readers are encouraged to share the book in accordance with its license. The author (Brant von Goble) tolerates, but does not endorse, noncommercial derivatives of this work. He disclaims responsibility for the creations of any third party, and he urges all readers to obey relevant and binding laws.

The Sample Chapter

For those who would prefer to try before they buy (despite the entire PDF being free), a sample chapter can also be downloaded.

The Print Edition

The print edition is available from (12.95 USD, with free shipping for Prime members) and (8 USD plus shipping--about 12.95 total).

It can also be ordered directly from the author for 12.95. Shipping to any address within the United States is free, but international customers may be charged extra.

Finally, a signed and sealed edition of The Rules can be ordered from the author for 14.95 USD. Shipping policy is the same as for unsigned copies.

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