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About the Rules

There are four Rules
1. Give as little as possible.
2. Take as much as possible.
3. Always have an exit.
4. Enjoy your life to the fullest.

As with many things in life, the devil is in the details.

About the Book

The Rules is a philosophy and self-inquiry text designed to help readers develop mental discipline and set life goals. It does this by way of guided readings and open-ended questions that facilitate the rational and systematic application of each Rule.

Put another way: The Rules is a book designed to help men survive and thrive in the West.

About the Author

Brant von Goble (1983) is a writer, editor, publisher, researcher, teacher, musician, juggler, and amateur radio operator.

Born in Kentucky, Brant has lived throughout the United States, and he spent more than three years in China. While in Hunan, Brant won the Wuxi Friendship Award (2012) for his excellence in teaching. He received a Doctor of Education degree from Western Kentucky University in 2017. During his doctoral studies, he researched the impact of motivational training on the social and emotional development of students.